Our Management are continuously looking at better ways to develop and train our customer service staff so we appreciate all customer feedback, positive or negative. By listening to you and learning from our customers we can refine our future development training programs tailored to meeting & exceeding your expectations. Zoom Zoom!

Hi Mark,

I currently bought a vehicle from your Dealership and am writing to you to say the level of service was excellent from the very first visit. I had dealings with Chris Drovandi and Chris Granger and they were both very professional in their approach to all levels of Customer Service.

These days a lot of people will only forward there negative issues, but I believe that when a good job is done there should also be recognition of outstanding service.

It is also very good to deal with people who are organised and driven to get the job done, as in my case both Chris's got the vehicle ready to go in 2 days. Their prompt attention was greatly appreciated, as I am a Sales Rep on the road and needed my vehicle ASAP.

Full credit must go to you and your team for a job well done, I will recommend to Family and Friends. Please forward this to the Highest Level of Management.

Kind Regards,

Martin Twine

Attn: Mr. Jamie McKnight
Group General Manager
West End Mazda \u2013 Blacktown

I purchased a new Mazda from Sunnyholt road in 2004 and returned to trade up from a manual to an automatic. We, my husband and myself, were approached by a salesman there named Chris Drovandi who proceed to inquire about what I wanted.

We told him and he helped us out of my old car and into a new Mazda three auto which I am really pleased with but he was not at all pushy with the sale which me and my husband were really pleased with. There is nothing worse than being shoved in to a deal that you regret later.

I can honestly say I would not hesitate to return there for another car and again thank you Chris for you help and pleasant manner throughout the sale.

Dianne Pagett

How are u doing? I have meaning to email u in last few months, as just wanted to let u know that, everything is going well with car & it's been a big relief to be able to drive car to & from work, without worrying about the possibility of it 'stalling' in middle of traffic \/ road. I appreciate the time & care you took to listen to what I had to say, but also your understanding of my situation & frustration. Want to thank you & your team at Nth Parramatta MAZDA, for all you did for me & you definitely changed my thoughts &attitude towards \u2013 putting trust back into MAZDA service.

Since your help 'after change of motor', it's been driving excellent. The car is fine & hopefully will continue to be. As you know, I thought I was doing the right thing by committing to MAZDA Service \u2013 in Leichardt (where I purchased the car 2004), so, since buying the car I made sure the car would always be taken to Leichardt for everything. This would sometimes include me paying for 'car hire' from Mazda, towing fees, repeat services \/ repairs \/ checkups, double & triple charging for the same 'problem' & also having to take days off from work to drive the car to & from Leichardt (I live in Fairfield).

My experience dealing with yourself \/ Mazda Nth Parramatta, was overall positive & your assistance in getting my car back to the level of performance where it should be, has now given me confidence & sense of ease that I can actually trust 'the professionals \u2013 being Mazda \u2013 to provide me with professional, reliable & memorable customer service'.

Over the years (and I'm sure u would be able to check on Mazda computer system), I have invested so much time & money into my car. From Day 1 of buying car until the day I took car to your location, I continued to put trust & support in Leichhardt MAZDA Service. Initially, it was because 'this is where I bought car', but also because I was told 'the warranty \/ extended warranty' would not be valid if I took the car anywhere but to Leichhardt Mazda Service location...which I did. Then, as years passed, I started having issues with the customer service I received, as well as ongoing 2 year drama with continuous car problems. At the time I felt that because the problem started with them, that I would be best to keep taking it to them at Leichhardt. There was a period of time when I felt 'I had no other choice then to stick with Leichhardt' which meant I would also have to agree & go along with any charges, advice & repeatedly taking car back for same ongoing problems, having car checked, apparently fixed, being charged, given back to me with problem still existing, then taking car back again, apparently fixed, being charged again, problem continuing, again took car back, and so on...

Over time, it has upset, frustrated, annoyed, inconvenienced & stressed me. I felt stuck & wasn't able to do or say anything to fix the problem. I wouldn't want to look into how much over the last few years which I have spent on fixing my car. Every time I took the car to Leichardt, whether it be due for service or because of an ongoing issue...I always had to explain over & over again my situation to various staff \u2013 which should have 'apparently' been entered on file. There were times I had someone else pick up my car from Mazda Leichhardt & every time I made payment as per invoice with no question on my part. Thank You to your exceptional service & of your willingness to stick with me & keep focus on my car until main problem was found.

Thank you again & look forward to future dealings with you & your organisation, Yours sincerely

L Razmovski

Service Department

Just wanted to let you know that i have recently had exceptional service from West End Mazda at Parramatta. After dealings with another Mazda dealer i was referred over to West End Mazda (by Christian Jones) to try and find the source of a noise in the front of my vehicle. Although the trip to Parramatta is quite a long one, as i live at Narellan, i am happy to say that David and the team there at Parramatta have found the source of my noisy car and have gone above and beyond to try to help me without making me feel like a crazy woman. Now thankfully the parts are on order and I look forward to again being able to hear the ZOOM ZOOM of my Mazda.

Mrs Melinda Hurst

Hi Jamie,

I am Emailing you today to commend you on your sale and finance staff. More particularly Chris Drovandi and Cindy McKnight. I Purchased a new Mazda CX9 last week. Chris and Cindy, from the first enquiry to the pick up, made it so easy. I travelled from the Northern Beaches to purchase my vehicle, quite happy to do so. Chris came through with the goods, as promised with no hiccups, I found him very polite and he also new what he was talking about. A very confident sales representative. Cindy organised the finance for the vehicle and was more precise, than our own business manager at St George. It was a pleasure to do business.

I would like them both thanked for making the purchase of my vehicle, so stress free, they left our local Mazda Car Dealer, well behind, not even in the race.

Once again thanks for a great team.

Yours sincerely

Jeanette Dunn Director - DONALCO WINDOWS PTY LTD

Hi Christian

I just wanted to thank you again for organising the car for me, and so quickly! Thank you also for the floor mats and number plate. Most of all thank you for giving me the time to show me everything inside of it and setting up the bluetooth and everything. I really appreciate everything you did. I've had the car for almost a week now and I love it!

Adam, who's bought a lot of cars, said he'd never met a salesman as courteous, gracious and helpful as you, and I agree, so thanks again!

Take care,


Attn Mr Terry Dodd (Dealer Principal)
Attn Mr Jamie McKnight (General Manager)

Dear Sirs,

On July 17, 2008, I purchased a Mazda 3 Neo sport from your dealership. I feel compelled to advise you and your staff that, from the time we entered your premises, they were overwhelming with their courtesies, respect and willingness' to impart knowledge and capability of the vehicle I was considering purchasing, no pressure just what I needed to be sure of if I purchased the vehicle.

It all began when I sent my friend, Dory Jansen, to obtain her response to the Mazda and it statistics and to pick up some brochures'. She was greeted by Mr. Chris Spicer, who showed her the product range within my budget. She was impressed with the courtesy and respect in which she was treated, she liked the product and the price was close to my budget, and I should discuss what they could do for us.

The following Saturday (approx June 28\/08) we returned and were greeted by Mr Joe Harb, who discussed my needs and budget and organised to have my cars valued by Mr Mick Mikus. It was all too easy, I was happy with the valuation of both cars (I could feel the noose tightening). We had been looking at cars for about 9 months between Newcastle, Wollongong and Penrith, all ranges European, Ford, Holden and Japanese, I assure you a large cross section of vehicles, it was down to Mazda or Mitsubishi.

After a couple of weeks of deliberation we returned to West End Mazda to finalize the purchase of the Mazda3 Neo Sport sedan. In this period Mr Joe Hard kept in contact with us to be sure we had enough information to make an informed judgement about the vehicle and they would do everything possible for us to reach our decision, he could not do enough.

After Settlement on price I was to see ms Kritsana Parry about any accessories I may require. I was doubtful because of my monetary restraints, but was delighted I could add a few more dollars and still be satisfied but slightly over budget, another staff member who could not do enough. Our next visit was to Mr. Russell Still Finance Manager. I was paying cash so fairly simple, simply great service with a sense of humour, what a package deal we received from your package of staff, I felt 'kinda' pleased parting with my money.

We would personally like to thank all your staff by name for their personal efforts in the purchase of our Mazda Neo Sports 'With Extras.' Mr Chris Spicer for starting the process Mr Joe Harb (Mr can't do enough) Mr Mick Mikus (For Tremendous Evaluations), Ms Kritsana Parry (Miss Aftermarket) and Mr Russel Still (Mr Sense Of Humour) for a Finance Man, and others who were involved who's names I cant recall. We enjoyed the whole process, I will return to purchase another vehicle. We would not hesitate to recommend your team to anybody.

Thanks again all!
Kindest regards.

Colin Hickey & Dory Jansen

Hi Mr. Dodd,

I recently purchased two Mazda 2 cars from your Blacktown office, where I was attended to by Joe Harb and Chris Spicer.

After initially agreeing to buying my wife and daughter a new car each I then had the task of going to the dealers to find out all about the new Mazda 2 cars. As we were paying cash for the 2 vehicles I thought this would a rather easy task, I was to find out that after two weeks of frustration and the run around from the 5 other dealers we dealt with, this was not the case.

So after finally running out of patience, we arrived at West End Blacktown around 4.00 on a windy, wet Saturday afternoon and found some one who knew what we wanted, what trade-in we were after and did the deal almost on the spot. It was refreshing to deal with someone who didn't waffle on about how they couldn't do a better deal because of ?, we agreed on what was needed, Joe checked with the appropriate people and the deal was done the following Monday.

I would like to congratulate Joe and Chris on their roles in making my decision in dealing with your office quite easy for me. They were both professional in their approach to the sale transaction and their follow up regarding delivery and the add on's - accessories, which is more crucial, was excellent. They should both be commended for a job 'well done'.

I would have no hesitation in referring any of our friend or business colleagues to either of your outlets for A1 service and attention.


2 July



Attn: Mr. Jamie McKnight

Group General Manager - Sales

West End Mazda Nth Parramatta & Blacktown

Dear Jamie,

Our sincere thanks for your generous support of our Association in supplying a Mazda 2 as the Major Prize of our fund raising raffle for 2008.

The success of any great community lies within the support of itself. Local Business is critical to all community & sports associations, such as ours, and it is fantastic to see West End Mazda recognising this by contributing so genrously to our club of the past several years.

We look forward to working with you and hope our partnership brings great rewards for us both.

Again our grateful thanks,

yours faithfully
Jack Taylor
Secretary Manager

Jack Taylor

Congratulations on your all time sales record! 300 units!

Attention: Jamie, Terry & the West End Team,

To the Number 1 Sales Team,

I called today but in case you don't get the message, congratulations on achieving 300 sales in January.

Its not that long ago when 50 sales in a month was special. 200 is now within occasional reach but 300 is still something really exceptional. Your dedication to perfection in your business, facilities and team building is paying off. It makes me very proud to count you as our business partners and also as friends.

Have a great February & well done
Doug Dickson
Managing Director Mazda Australia Pty Ltd

Doug Dickson Mazda Australia

To the Sales Department

I would like to compliment your staff in particular Mr Joe Harb.

My husband and I recently purchased a car from Joe we found him a pleasure to deal with and we will not hesitate to recommend him or Mazda to any family or friends.

Joe, spent the time with us explaining every detail nothing was too much trouble it was a lovely experience.

We went to Holden down the road which was a totally different experience it was a very rainy day only to find the staff talking amongst themselves I had eye contact with one of the staff at least 3 times then I asked him if he worked here only to be told sometimes with a laugh. I didn't even get shown a car.

My husband and I went straight back to Joe at Mazda to purchase my new car.

I originally placed an order for a black car on the Sunday with Joe I decided to change to a dark grey I went back to Mazda on the Monday it was Joe's day off and yet another staff member said it was not a problem and amended the paper work straight away.

We didn't have to follow Joe up he kept us update to when the car would arrive and be ready for collection.

I would just like to say big thank you.

Kind Regards

Darlene & Andrew Mitchell

NRMA Feedback

Recently we were in the market for a new motor vehicle and after the usual ring around without much success, we finally found West End Mazda Nth Parramatta.

This dealer is recommended by the NRMA and Open Road & from the moment we first spoke with Mr Stefan Casa until the moment we took delivery of our brand new car we were treated to the best display of customer service, respect & attention to detail that we have ever experienced! Congratulations to the management and to Stefan on a job superbly done! You certainly put the Zoom Zoom experience into our purchase.

Paul (Nrma Feedback | Contact us 16/04/2008)

To the Blacktown Finance Department

Cindy, thanks for your help these past days with the arrangements with the new cars, only having had them a couple of hours, we are so far most satisfied with the vehicles and the service we received from West End Mazda.

Kirsty Hull was extremely helpful and the overall experience in dealing with WEM has been more than satisfactory. We feel we made the right decision here in choosing the Mazda's over the other vehicles we were looking at.

I will be happy to recommend to friends and colleagues about our experience and I hope this translates into referral business for you.

Thanks again.
Kind regards

Steve & Jodie T

Best Mazda Dealer

We appreciate the efforts made by you all in your dealership to retain us as Mazda customers. We are glad we made the right decision to buy not just the right car, but from the right Mazda dealer in Sydney. At the price we have now agreed it is relatively easy for us to finance and buy the Mazda 6.

The website discount cars pointed at WESTEND MAZDA as my nearest Mazda dealer. We were looked after by the best sales force in MAZDA dealership.

Once again thanks to you all.



To the Sales Department

Thanks for all of your help over the past couple of weeks. The reason that I keep coming back to Westend Mazda is that you listen to what I say and then try and accommodate that need. You didn't try and push me in directions that I didn't want to go, which makes it a pretty comfortable transaction. Two of the things that I remind my team of occasionally are that firstly, people buy from people they like, and secondly, if price was the only thing that mattered we would all be driving Hyundai's. Keep up the good work.

Kind Regards,

National Business Development Manager
World Courier (Aust) Pty Ltd

Colin Mackie

Attention; Mr Jamie McKnight General Manager.

Dear Sir,

Just a short note to say how Impressed I have been with your service department.

Although not purchasing my Mazda RX8 through your dealership I became frustrated with the other dealers inability to resolve minor issues first time.

Since using West End Mazda for warranty issues, rear lights, a new engine and today a few end of warranty items requiring attention your staff at all times have been prompt, courteous and informative. The majority of problems (all but one) were fixed on the day and I did not get the dealers usual \were waiting on parts\" requiring another trip to finalise repairs.

When there were a few minor problems with the engine replacement Peter McMurray kept me up to date with progress and ensured the vehicle was returned as new.

I would highly recommend your service department to anyone seeking a professional organization to maintain their vehicle. I know I will be using them again.

Please express my appreciation to your service personnel.


Geoff Cook Managing Director

To Whom It May Concern

I would like to express my gratitude for the manner in which I was treated by various members of West End Mazda Blacktown regarding the purchase of a new Mazda 3 Hatchback. I purchased and took delivery of this new vehicle on Tuesday 12 February 2008.

From the time I first visited West End Blacktown through to the final stage of accepting delivery, I interacted with Mark Wiggins, Cindy McKnight and Joe Harb. All these personnel treated me with respect and made me feel that I was an important customer at all times. I can certainly say that there was no undue pressure placed on me by any of these people during the entire process of purchasing a motor vehicle....thank you.

I would like to pay particular mention to Joe Harb with whom I had most of my dealings. Joe was extremely courteous at all times and his pleasant manner made the process of purchasing a vehicle a much more comfortable and acceptable experience than what I envisaged would be the case.

I look forward to continuing the positive relationship with West End Mazda (Service).

My sincere thanks to all of you & the management.


Hans Stichter

To the Used Car Department

I would just like to let you know about Westend Mazda Blacktown.

Jamie McKnight (General Manager) & Mick Mikus (Used Car Manager) have both been extremely helpful in our purchase of a used car from their dealership at Blacktown and I would like to take this time to let you know that they were fantastic and I would definitely buy from that dealership again.

They both went out of their way to help us not only with the price but with the choice of car, you should be very glad that you have them working for you.

Sharon Digby

To the Sales Department

I would like to commend Chris Spicer as an excellent salesperson with attention to all details and his honest 'upfront' approach to all questions asked.

His professional demonstration of the Mazda3 Sport was quite amazing!

Please pass on to 'whom it may concern' this quite outstanding performance by Chris.

Best regards

Jill Colless

To the Sales Department

Just a quick note to say how happy and extremely pleased we were with your sales person Jayson Jimenez. He sold us our CX-7 Luxury last Friday.

I originally sent an email to car discounts.com and Jayson emailed & called me within a day. After doing some more research and going to various other Mazda dealers, Jayson by far was the most professional, courteous, friendly and excellent sales person we dealt with. Regardless what other dealers proposed we came back to your Dealership and wanted Jayson to sell us the car. He was wonderful to deal with.

We have since recommended him and your Dealership to various friends and colleagues here at Macquarie Bank. He is an asset to your team.


Gina & Peter Kalogeras

To the Sales Department - Jayson Jiminez

Hey guys,

Thankyou for an easy and plesant transaction, will recommend to all that are in a process of updating to a Mazda the service was awesome.

Thanks again Jayson

Kind regards

Peter Marincic Ron Thomas Realty A.B.N. 22 844 879 118